Arlette Andersen - AUSCHWITZ 1944

Arlette Andersen - AUSCHWITZ 1944


Arlette Andersen, 92 years old from Fredericia, Denmark, is one of the last remaining survivors from the concentration camp Auschwitz, whom is still able to tell her story. Throughout 25 years she has held 425 lectures in Denmark and Europe. The story of a young girl and prisoner in Auschwitz has gripped both young and old, and it's not weird, that the lectures have been held for packed houses. All in all Arlette Andersen have told her story to more than 96.000 people.

In march 1990 Arlette Andersen started giving lectures, sharing her story, and started her personal mission to make sure, that the story of the horrific things, that happened in Auschwitz, would never will be forgotten. A lot of younger people find it interesting and are touched by Arlette Andersen's story, when she tells er story - in schools and educational institutions.

In spring 2015 Arlette Andersen had to stop giving lectures and thus stopped her mission. The voice and the fragile body couldn't handle it any more and in February she stopped traveling to the schools and the students. The last lecture was held at Odder Gymnasium.

Now, that Arlette Andersen is no longer capable to travel around and give lectures, her greatest wish is to keep the story and her mission alive. That's why she in spring 2013 agreed to, that journalist and storyteller Thomas Kvist Christiansen and photographer Kasper Fuglsang could follow her and record some of her lectures, with a documentary production in mind about her experiences in Auschwitz and her life mission. 

Arlette Andersens wish is, that a movie can be made about her experiences and personal history, which everyone can acquire. In that way, her story will be preserved for posterity - so the young and old can continue listening to her story.

This film project is being worked on now. Currently, a long list of schools, private institutions, businesses and even LB Fonden have supported the film project economically. But since the documentary has to be developed to an education program, we continue seeking economic collaboration partners and support for the project.

Click here and read more about the project - and about how you can help make Arlette Andersen's movie a reality.



During the last 25 years Arlette Andersen have held 425 lectures, and she has told her story to more than 96.000 people. Arlette Andersen wish is that the young people will be able experience her story about Auschwitz and never forget....