When Arlette's father Edouard left Paris to secure the German hunt for the French Jews, he had traveled to the small village of Durtol in the mountains on the outskirts of the town of Clermont Ferrand. Here he settled in a boarding house, where also lived others who were on the run from the Germans - resistance fighters and prisoners of war among others. When Arlette and her mother, Yvonne, arrived in the village in the summer of 1942, the three of them embarked on a new everyday life. Their eldest son, Arlette's brother, Lucien, 29, had moved to Strasbourg.

Arlette and her family got on well in the small village, and they got to know, among other things, the couple who owned the guest house. It was the Froidefond family - George and Marie and their sons Fernand and Mathias. The picture shows, among others, Arlette (left), probably next to her mother, together with the whole Froidefond family photographed in the garden by the guest house. When the Nazis came to the village in search of Jews and resistance fighters, everyone in the boarding house was told that they should temporarily spend the night somewhere else.