The French Jew Arlette Levy was just 19 years old, dea her life was radically changed during World War II. On November 25, 1943, she was arrested and subsequently deported to Auschwitz - simply because she was Jewish. About 75,000 French Jews were deported to Auschwitz.

About 2,500 French Jews survived - including Arlette Levy and her good friend Denise. They returned to freedom in Paris in May 1945 after two death marches. In 1946, Arlette found the love of her life, Ole Andersen, in Denmark. The two were married in 1951, after which Arlette was named Andersen and obtained Danish citizenship.

Take a historical journey from the Marais district of Arlette's childhood city of Paris to the worst death and extermination camp of the Nazis, Auschwitz. Here she cheated death and survived a year of captivity from January 1944 to January 1945.